Deploying multilingual Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager

INTRODUCTION There are currently many organizations migrating from previous versions of Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Many of these organizations are also spread around the globe with different language requirements. I have seen that deploing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus in large enterprise … Continued

Considerations when deploying Office 365 client updates using Automatic Deployment Rules in ConfigMgr

Background A customer contacted me the other day because their Office 365 client updates were not released to clients in a timely fashion. Their configuration was one Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) for all client updates, with the following configuration: Date … Continued

Issue: Patches stuck in download state when building a Windows 10 1607 image in MDT

Issue The other day I was building a Windows 10 1607 image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and I ran in to an issue where patching the included Office 2016 was getting stuck at the downloading phase.     Solution The … Continued

Creating multiple deployments for one Automatic Deployment Rule in Configuration Manager 1606

When you are creating a plan for deploying software updates to machines using System Center Configuration Manager, you most likely are creating at least two different deployments: one for pilot and one for production. If you wanted to completely automate … Continued

ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0

    Features Bulk import from CSV Removes objects discovered by System Discovery before importing the device, to fix issues with duplicate objects Verifies if the machine name and/or MAC address already exists Possibility to change MAC addresses Logging provided in a … Continued

How to configure Automatic Client Upgrade for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU1

  Microsoft recently released the Cumulative Update 1 which fixed a lot of bugs that was introduced with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1. One of the nice features with Configuration Manager R2 SP1 CU1 is that it is now possible … Continued

Powershell: Script for configuring collection update refresh settings in Configuration Manager 2012

  Sometimes you might want to configure how collections update in Configuration Manager 2012. Accomplishing this for a few collections works fine using the GUI, but if you want to change collection update settings for hundreds, or thousands of collections … Continued