ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 - Import Devices



  • Bulk import from CSV
  • Removes objects discovered by System Discovery before importing the device, to fix issues with duplicate objects
  • Verifies if the machine name and/or MAC address already exists
  • Possibility to change MAC addresses
  • Logging provided in a CMTrace format
  • Automatically populates MAC address from the ConfigMgr database
  • Provides the user a dropdown list of collections within a specific folder in ConfigMgr
  • Various validation checks


  • ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 or later
  • Powershell v3
  • Permissions required by account running the tool:



The  ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 is available on the TechNet Gallery.

Running the Tool

  1. Open a new Powershell window with a user that has sufficient permissions in ConfigMgr.
  2. Browse to the folder containing the tool and run it with the command line:.\ConfigMgr-Import-Tool-v1.0.ps1 -<Parameters>
  • Container = Folder in ConfigMgr containing OSD collections.
  • SiteCode = ConfigMgr Site Code
  • SiteServer = FQDN of ConfigMgr Site Server
  • LogPath =  UNC path to log files. REQUIRED if logs are to be written.
  • CSVPath = UNC path to initial CSV path directory. OPTIONAL.

Manually import devices

If you wish to import a single computer or a few computers, use Manually import devices.
However, if you wish to import many computers, refer to the next section on how to Bulk Import Devices.


  1. Simply enter the Device Name in the text box on the right hand side.


Add Import Tool v1.0 - Startup


  1. If the device exists, press Validate to populate the MAC address field.
  2. If the device does not exist, enter the MAC address in the MAC address field.
  3. If the device exists, but you want to change the MAC address in the database, change the MAC address in the field.

ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 - Validate

Add to import list

  1. If the validation is successful, Add to selection will be enabled. Press the button to add the device to the list.
  2. Continue with these steps until you have the desired devices in the list.
  3. If you want to remove a computer from being imported, select, the computer in the list and press the button Remove from selection.


ConfigMgr Import Tool - Add to selection

Import Devices

When the correct devices are in the import list, press Import Devices.

ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 - Import Devices

Bulk Import Devices

The best way to import many computers at a time is by bulk importing them using a CSV file.

CSV format

Create a file name with a *.csv extension with two rows named ComputerName and MAC like the below example:

ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 - CSV Format

Import devices from CSV

  1. Once the CSV file is ready, select Bulk Import Devices.
  2. Select the OS Deployment Collection from the dropdown list.
  3. Press Browse and select the CSV file.
  4. Verify that the correct devices are in the import list. If not, modify the CSV and import it again.
  5. When ready, press Import Devices.

ConfigMgr Import Tool v1.0 - Bulk import device


I hope that the tool will prove useful to you and please send me suggestions for further improvements 🙂