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Powershell script for configuring collection update refresh settings in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

INTRODUCTION Sometimes you might want to configure how collections update in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Accomplishing this for a few collections works fine using the GUI, but if you want to change collection update settings for hundreds, or thousands of collections at the same…

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Powershell script to add Active Directory users to groups using a CSV file

This script simply adds the users specified in the Users column in to the groups specified in the Groups column in the CSV. Grab the script and an example CSV from the TechNet Gallery. You can also copy the script below:

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Guide: Updating Flash Player using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit and SCCM 2007

This guide assumes that Internet Explorer is the only browser being used in your organization. 1. Download the Powershell App Deployment Toolkit here: 2. Use this template for Deploy-Application.ps1:

3. If you want to turn off Automatic Updates, create a file called “mms.cfg”…

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Powershell: How to read contents from all text files in a directory and add them to a single text file

Here’s a short Powershell tip that can be useful. If you have a directory with text files and want to add the content to a single text file, you can use this command:

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