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How To Upgrade TPM firmware from 1.2 to 2.0 for HP Devices

INTRODUCTION TPM 2.0 has been around since 2013, but vendors have been required to provide their machines with TPM 2.0 since July 28, 2016. The TPM chip, or Trusted Platform Module, is a hardware component on the motherboard. The TPM version is derived from the firmware version of the chip. Most modern chips support both version 1.2 and 2.0. The TPM chip is required for features such as: Bitlocker Windows Defender Credential Guard The only feature at this point that…

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Read Files and Detect Strings Using Powershell Detection Methods in SCCM

INTRODUCTION Powershell methods, is there anything they can’t do? No, not really! As with many other cases with Powershell, the options are endless. In this blog post I will explain how you can use the Get-Content command in a Powershell script in an SCCM detection method. MY SCENARIO I came across a scenario at a customer where during an application installation, configuration files were to be replaced in the installation directory using a script. Since a configuration line was different…

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How To Deploy HP BIOS Settings using SCCM

INTRODUCTION In most organizations, the workstation configuration needs to conform to a specific standard. If you are using HP workstations, you will need a strategy on how to deploy the HP BIOS settings. Enterprise OEMs such as DELL, HP and Lenovo provide solutions for deploying BIOS settings. Below is a list of the solutions for each manufacturer: HP  – HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU) DELL –  DELL Command Configure Toolkit (CCTK) Lenovo – Lenovo WMI scripts The DELL and Lenovo solutions…

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My notes and experiences from Microsoft Ignite 2018

INTRODUCTION I have just spent a week at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida. This was my first visit to both the conference and to Orlando, so I was very excited. Upon arrival att MCO (Orlando International Airport) you can pick up your badge straight away at the baggage claim. This was a super simple process and highly appreciated!   Before the conference, me and my colleague spent a full day at Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of…

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Issue with automatically generated names based on serial numbers for virtual machines in SCCM

INTRODUCTION I noticed this issue at a customer where they were deploying machines and automatically configuring the machine name according to serial number. ISSUE There were no issues with deploying physical machines, but virtual machines were failing during the “Apply Windows Settings” step with the following error code: Failed to open the Task Sequencing Environment. Code 0x80220005. Please ensure you are running this executable inside a properly configured OS The reason why we see this issue is that virtual machines…

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Considerations When Deploying Office 365 Client Updates Using ADRs in SCCM

INTRODUCTION A customer contacted me the other day because their Office 365 client updates were not released to clients in a timely fashion. Their configuration was one Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) for all client updates, with the following configuration: Date Released or Revised last 1 day Office 365 client updates enabled Evaluation schedule: Every Second Tuesday at 23:55 This is a fine setup except for the following scenarios: Out of band patches are not included Windows Defender Definitions in Configuration…

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How To Elevate to Administrator Within a Powershell Window

INTRODUCTION One of the most frustrating scenarios is when you start a Powershell prompt and you remembered that you should have started it elevated using Run as Administrator. Fortunately, there is a way of solving this with a simple command from the non-elevated Powershell window. This blog post will show how to elevate to administrator within a Powershell window. SOLUTION Run the following command from a non-elevated Powershell prompt:

This will start a new, elevated Powershell window: RELATED POSTS Use…

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RSOP – Export the Results from an HTML File using Powershell

INTRODUCTION Instead of just running Resultant Set of Policies (RSOP) on the client or from the GPMC console (which is extremely slow!), you can run this Powershell command to get the ouput in a nice, clean HTML file. SOLUTION In this example I will get the Resultant Set of Policies for user Daniel in the Contoso domain, who uses the computer Windows8computer. The output will be in HTML and the filename will be D:\rsop.html.

REFERENCES Microsoft Docs – Use…

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2 solutions for solving issue with Hyper-V Virtual Machine and Secure Boot on non-supported Operating Systems

INTRODUCTION I ran in to this problem the other day when trying to run Windows Server 2008 R2 in Hyper-V: Boot Failed. EFI SCSI Device. Failed Secure Boot Verification The reason for this was that I had created a Generation 2 Virtual Machines which uses Secure Boot which is supported in Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and later. SOLUTIONS SOLUTION #1 If you want to run an older operating system as a guest, select Generation 1 when creating the Virtual Machine:…

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Force Specific Sites to Always Run in Compatibility Mode Using GPO

INTRODUCTION If you have specific sites which do not work in newer versions of Internet Explorer, you can force them to always run in Compatibility Mode, meaning that they will run as if they were run in Internet Explorer 7. There are GPO settings to force specific IE Zones to always run in Compatibility Mode, but here’s how you set it for specific sites. SOLUTION OPEN GROUP POLICY MANAGEMENT Open Group Policy Management CREATE GROUP POLICY OBJECT Create or edit…

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