Update 6 March 2019: This post was written for SCCM 2007, but is still applicable for SCCM Current Branch.

In SCCM, once a client has run an advertisement, it will not run it again by default.

If you want to force the clients to rerun the advertisement automatically, you have to change the date of the schedule for the advertisement.

Here’s how you do it:

Start by going to Computer Management -> Software Distribution -> Advertisements -> Select the Advertiement -> Right-Click -> Properties

Go to the “Schedule” tab. In order to force the clients to re-run an Advertisement, you need a Mandatory assignment. In this case, there is already one, and we choose the middle button.

If you were to create a new Mandatory assignment, you would have chosen the icon to the left, representing a sun.

After clicking on the button, select Schedule. You could also change to “Assign immediately after this event”, which basically does the same thing.

How to force clients to re-run an Advertisement

Change the date to something else, but the date needs to be earler than today’s date.

How to force clients to re-run an Advertisement

Press OK.

Now, you need to change “Program rerun behavior”. If you select something other than “Always rerun program”, you will most likely not succeed in re-running the advertisement on all clients that the advertisement is advertised to.

How to force clients to re-run an Advertisement in SCCM 2007

Press OK to close the dialog box. The clients should now re-run the advertisement as soon as their policy has refreshed. The default time for this is every 60 minutes.