Guide: How to create an MDT 2013 Task Sequence template

If you are working with MDT, you are most likely creating new task sequences every now and then. When doing this, you might either create a new task sequence from scratch or maybe you are copying another task sequence.
I have run in to numerous issues with copying task sequences in MDT, so what I do is that I create a template instead, that has all the basic steps that I want there.

Creating a template in MDT is very simple:

1. Create a task sequence that you will use as a template.

2. Browse to your deployment share and locate the Control folder.

3. In the Control folder there should be a subfolder with the name of the task sequence

4. In The subfolder, there should be a file called ts.xml, which is the task sequence

How to create an MDT 2013 Task Sequence template

5. Copy the ts.xml and rename it to ts_template.xml or similar:

Copy Task Sequence template MDT 2013

6. Go to the installation folder for MDT, typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and go to the folder called “Templates”.

7. Paste the ts_template.xml here:

Copy task sequence template MDT 2013

8. Open up the ts_template.xml in notepad and edit the top row, with a suitable name and description for your task sequence template:

Edit Task Sequence template MDT 2013

9. Open Deployment Workbench, and create a new Task Sequence:

New Task Sequence MDT 2013

10. Give your new Task Sequence a name:

Task Sequence name MDT 2013

11. Select your newly created Task Sequence template 🙂

Select Task Sequence template MDT 2013

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