Bitlocker status is important to check once implemented, and also very easy. This blog post describes how to do this.

Bitlocker is Microsoft’s encryption method and was introduced with Windows Vista. Enabling Bitlocker in your environment is generally recommended to increase security. This blog post describes how to check Bitlocker status in Windows 10.

Bitlocker can be enabled during Operating System Deployment or on existing machines. Niclas Andersson has written a great blog post on how to deploy Bitlocker on existing machines using SCCM.

After enabling Bitlocker in your organization, you might want a simple command for checking the encryption status of a client.



You can easily use Powershell to check the Bitlocker status on a machine. Open an elevate command prompt and enter the following command:



With the help of this simple command, you can see the encryption status. It can be run in the command line or via Powershell.

manage-bde -status c:
After running the above command, you should see the below output:
Bitlocker encryption status Powershell

From the picture above, the following properties show Bitlocker status:

  • Conversion Status
  • Percentage Encrypted
  • Protection Status