The other day I was building a Windows 10 1607 image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and I ran in to an issue where patching the included Office 2016 was getting stuck at the downloading phase.

MDT Download Stuck Windows 10 1607


The solution is to apply the latest Windows 10 1607 Cumulative Update during the Windows PE phase.

Here is how you accomplish this:

  1. Download the latest Windows 10 1607 Cumulative Update. As of writing this post, KB3193494 is the one you should download.
  2. Open the Deployment Workbench.
  3. Open the Packages node and create a new folder for Windows 10, which in my case is “Windows 10 Professional 1607”.
  4. Right-click the folder and select Import OS Packages.
  5. Create a new selection profile by going to Advanced -> Selection Profiles.
  6. Give the Selection Profile a name.
  7. Select the folder you created earlier:
  8. Edit the Task Sequence and select the selection profile.
  9. Start upp the client machine used for reference image building and build the reference image 🙂