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Guide to Wake on LAN for Configuration Manager 2007 and 2012

Muhammad Adil wrote a pretty extensive blog post on TechNet about how Wake on LAN works and how you can implement it using System Center COnfiguration Manager 2007 and 2012. Good read! Link to the blog post: http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2014/01/28/a-complete-guide-to-wake-on-lan-for-configmgr-2007-and-configmgr-2012.aspx

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How to find and import the Powershell module for Configuration Manager 2012

If you want to use the Powershell CMDlets for managing your Configuration Manager 2012 environment, you will find that they are not available by default. In order to use the Powershell CMDlets, you need to import the Configuration Manager Powershell module. Run this command:

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Powershell: Script for copying files from a source to a destination and forcing folder creation if it does not exist at the destination

Here is a small Powershell script for copying a file from one destination to another. In this example, a file will be copied from a server to a local directory.