Powershell: Export a list of all dependencies for a Configuration Manager 2012 Task Sequence

Here is a Powershell script I wrote the other day which exports a list of all dependencies for a specific Task Sequence to a CSV file.

How to run it:

1. Run the script using .\Export-Task_Sequence_Dependencies.ps1 -TSID “Task Sequence Package ID”
2. Open dependencies.csv to find the dependencies for the given Task Sequence.

Please provide any feedback you might have.

You can also find the script in the TechNet Gallery.

3 Responses

  1. boujdoun


    I would like his SVP when we have the number 4 in the column of References

    Does this mean that the application is used elsewhere and 4 times in SCCM?

    If so is there a powershell script that allows you to retrieve all applications that are not using (0)
    Thank you for your help

  2. BrandonM

    Unfortunately the “References” property does not list packages in task sequence steps that are disabled.
    That can cause OSD deployment failures in resolving task sequence dependencies if say, someone was doing package cleanup and this script reported that package was not in use and they decided to deleted it.

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