Powershell: Script to add users from a text file to an Active Directory group using alternate credentials

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Here is a short script which you can use to add users to an Active Directory Group. Just add a list of users in a text file, in this case called “users.txt”. Run the script and enter the credentials that has the appropriate permissions. Replace “Test_Group” with the group that you want to add the users to.

A tip is to add the -WhatIf statement after “Add-ADGroupMember -Credential $cred -Identity Test_Group -Member $_”, just to make sure that the script does what you want it do, before putting it in production. So, like this:

Add-ADGroupMember -Credential $cred -Identity Test_Group -Member $_ -WhatIf

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  1. Mike Kanakos

    Very helpful post! However, if you’re going to post a script for people to follow. I would like to recommend that you do not abbreviate the ForEach-Object with a % symbol. I had to jog my memory banks to remember what alias % was in this example.

    Otherwise, great script example!

  2. Kam

    What format should the user names be in, within the users.txt? Can I use the Display Name? Only because the list that we are supplied with is the full name (1st-name surname), and not the login name. Thanks.


  3. Daniel Classon

    Hi Kam,

    This script uses the sAMAccountName as input. So the format of the text file should just provide the sAMAccountNames in a list.

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