Oslo Marathon 2012 and the rest of the races for this year

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I just registered for Oslo Marathon 2012, which will be my first marathon ever. I hope it will go ok, as it will probably be the last race I do this year, and I should be in good form at that time. My goal for 42 km will be somewhere around 4 hours, but I hope that I will be able to run under 42 min on the 10 km races.

2012 schedule:

Göteborgssimmet (Swim) 1 km 18/8
Midnattsloppet (Run) 10 km 25/8
Bockstensturen (MTB) 50 km 1/9
Kretsloppet (Run)10 km 15/9,
Finalloppet (Run) 10 km 3/9,
Oslo Marathon (Run) 42 km 22/9


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