Running Windows 8 on your iPad using Splashtop Win8 Metro Testbed

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I’ve been testing Windows 8 since the Developer Preview came out quite some time ago, on my desktop computer using the mouse and keyboard. This works, but I really wanted to see how the operating system would feel on a tablet, without actually buying one. Luckily, I have an iPad, for which there is an application called Splashtop Win8 Metro Testbed. This is basically a Remote Desktop client with the Windows 8 tough gestures built in. For the price of $40, you can get it off the App Store.
In order for it to work you need to install Windows 8 Consumer preview on a computer and install the Splashtop server side  application. Once that’s installed, the iPad application automatically detects the Windows 8 computer in your network and tries to connect.

My setup was Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed as a virtual machine with a bridged network card on a laptop with average specs. I must say that I was mighty impressed, it really felt like I had a real Windows 8 tablet!

I suggest you to try it out 🙂

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