Yesterday, I downloaded Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview, so I could install it on my Surface Pro. I went to TechNet, downloaded the ISO, everything seemed fine, but then I tried to mount the ISO. I received the error: “Sorry there was a problem mounting the file”.

Mount ISO Windows 8 8.1

This is the error that I received:

“Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file.”

Mount ISO error Windows 8 8.1

I thought that it might have been my download that was corrupt, so I downloaded it once again, tried to mount it, but still with the same error. My conclusion was that there was something wrong with the ISO from TechNet or that there was some bug in mounting the file in Windows 8.1 Preview.

Today, I downloaded the Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO from TechNet, and tried to mount it on another computer with Windows 8. Same problem as yesterday!

After some Googling around, I found a couple of other people having the same issue. Apparently, there’s a flag that is set on the ISO file, which makes it unmountable.


  • Make a copy of the ISO file, place it anywhere and then mount it

I’m not sure why this happens, but if you have any more information about this issue, please leave a comment!