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BitLocker Status Check Using Powershell or the Command Line

INTRODUCTION Bitlocker status is important to check once implemented, and also very easy. This blog post describes how to do this. Bitlocker is Microsoft’s encryption method and was introduced with Windows Vista. Enabling Bitlocker in your environment is generally recommended to increase security. This blog post describes how to check Bitlocker status in Windows 10. Bitlocker can be enabled during Operating System Deployment or on existing machines. Niclas Andersson has written a great blog post on how to deploy Bitlocker…


Work Smart Guides for Windows 8

Microsoft has a series of guides called the “Work Smart Guides”, which cover some of their products such as: – Forefront Identity Manager – Office – Sharepoint – System Center Configuration Manager – Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows Phone They have now added guides for Windows 8 as well. Check them out! Work Smart: Backing Up Your Data and Settings This guide provides information on how to set up and use the new File History feature in Windows…


Why Bitlocker allocates all your free disk space

Have you ever wondered why your disk has no free space left even though you should have at least 300 GB left? Do you have Bitlocker enabled? If you answer yes, this might just be the reason for this. As you might know, when you delete a file it actually doesn’t get physically removed from your hard drive. This is one of the reasons why it’s possible to restore a file even though it has been removed from the file…

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