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How To Configure Deadlines for Automatic Deployment Rules in SCCM

INTRODUCTION Upon creating an automatic Software Update strategy in your organization, you will need to configure Automatic Deployment Rules. This blog post describes in short Automatic Deployment Rules and how these are deployed to clients in different phases. As with everything, it is easy once you understand it. AUTOMATIC DEPLOYMENT RULES Automatic Deployment Rules are used to automatically accomplish the following tasks: Filter out Software Updates according to a set amount of criteria from the database. Add the filtered out…

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My notes and experiences from Microsoft Ignite 2018

INTRODUCTION I have just spent a week at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida. This was my first visit to both the conference and to Orlando, so I was very excited. Upon arrival att MCO (Orlando International Airport) you can pick up your badge straight away at the baggage claim. This was a super simple process and highly appreciated!   Before the conference, me and my colleague spent a full day at Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of…

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Issue with automatically generated names based on serial numbers for virtual machines in SCCM

INTRODUCTION I noticed this issue at a customer where they were deploying machines and automatically configuring the machine name according to serial number. ISSUE There were no issues with deploying physical machines, but virtual machines were failing during the “Apply Windows Settings” step with the following error code: Failed to open the Task Sequencing Environment. Code 0x80220005. Please ensure you are running this executable inside a properly configured OS The reason why we see this issue is that virtual machines…

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Error with patches stuck in download state when building a Windows 10 1607 image in MDT

INTRODUCTION The other day I was building a Windows 10 1607 image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and I ran in to an issue where patching the included Office 2016 was getting stuck at the downloading phase.     SOLUTION The solution is to apply the latest Windows 10 1607 Cumulative Update during the Windows PE phase. Here is how you accomplish this: Download the latest Windows 10 1607 Cumulative Update. As of writing this post, KB3193494 is the one you…

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Error with SCCM 1602 update not visible in the console

INTRODUCTION The other day I was upgrading a customer’s environment to ConfigMgr 1602 when I ran in to an issue. Following the upgrade to ConfigMgr 1511 I went in to the Updates and Servicing node to upgrade to 1602. I received a No items found message, even though the update had been properly synced according to the logs.     SOLUTION The reason why this happens is due to the scope of the object in the ConfigMgr RBA. If the account does…

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How to configure Automatic Client Upgrade in SCCM

INTRODUCTION Microsoft recently released the Cumulative Update 1 which fixed a lot of bugs that was introduced with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1. One of the nice features with Configuration Manager R2 SP1 CU1 is that it is now possible to Automatically Upgrade clients to the latest CU version. Automatic Client Upgrade was present before but it only worked for new builds of the client, i.e Service Packs. One trick here to keep in mind is that when installing the…

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Powershell script for configuring collection update refresh settings in SCCM

INTRODUCTION Sometimes you might want to configure how collections update in SCCM. Accomplishing this for a few collections works fine using the GUI, but if you want to change collection update settings for hundreds, or thousands of collections at the same time, this is not a viable option. SOLUTION If you need to do this, use the script I have created. It reads the collections IDs from a file called collections.txt that needs to be in the same folder as the…

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Error when accessing content directly from Distribution Point for OS Image during OSD in SCCM

INTRODUCTION The other day I was at a customer and I ran in to this problem: Empty location for package: _SMSTSBEN0004A   The problem here is related to how the OS Image gets downloaded/applied during the task sequence. At this customer, the Task Sequence was set to Access content directly from the distribution point, which is an option I usually don’t set, because I prefer to download the image first to the client before applying it. Keep in mind if you…

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How to create an MDT Task Sequence template

INTRODUCTION If you are working with MDT, you are most likely creating new task sequences every now and then. When doing this, you might either create a new task sequence from scratch or maybe you are copying another task sequence. I have run in to numerous issues with copying task sequences in MDT, so what I do is that I create a template instead, that has all the basic steps that I want there. SOLUTION Creating a template in MDT…

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How To Force an SCCM Client Out of Provisioning Mode

INTRODUCTION The other day I had an issue at a customer, where the installations of new computers ran without any errors, but once logging in, it was obvious that everything was not right. The reason why we noticed that something was wrong, was that all new computers that had been installed, were missing the SCEP client. Looking at the server side, everything looked fine, so it had to be something on the client side. Issues that were present: 1. SCEP…

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