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Powershell script to export a list of all dependencies for an SCCM Task Sequence

Here is a Powershell script I wrote the other day which exports a list of all dependencies for a specific Task Sequence to a CSV file. How to run it: 1. Run the script using .\Export-Task_Sequence_Dependencies.ps1 -TSID “Task Sequence Package ID” 2. Open dependencies.csv to find the dependencies for the given Task Sequence. Please provide any feedback you might have. You can also find the script in the TechNet Gallery.

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Powershell Script to Add Users From a File to an AD Group Using Alternate Credentials

Here is a short script which you can use to add users to an Active Directory Group. Just add a list of users in a text file, in this case called “users.txt”. Run the script and enter the credentials that has the appropriate permissions. Replace “Test_Group” with the group that you want to add the users to. A tip is to add the -WhatIf statement after “Add-ADGroupMember -Credential $cred -Identity Test_Group -Member $_”, just to make sure that the script…

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Powershell Script to Copy a File to a New Directory

INTRODUCTION Sometimes you will need to copy a file from one location to a new location which does not yet exist. This blog post describes how to accomplish this. SOLUTION Here is a small Powershell script for copying a file from one destination to another. In this example, a file will be copied from a server to a local directory.

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Powershell: Script for checking Execution Policy and forcing a change if needed

Here is a Powershell script you can use if you want to check what the Execution Policy on the machine is set to and if it isn’t equal to what you want, it will change it for you. In this example, the script checks if the Execution-Policy is set to RemoteSigned, and if it is not, it will change it to RemoteSigned. Note that running this script won’t work if the Execution Policy is set to Restricted, which is the…

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Powershell Script to Create a Menu in the Console

INTRODUCTION This is the second blog post about Powershell and there will most likely be a lot more because, frankly, Powershell is awesome 🙂 If you are creating a script and want the user to be able to select between different choices, you can either have a pop up or use a menu selection in the console. I prefer a menu selection in the console. You can add more choices than two if you have the need to. SOLUTION Download:…

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Powershell Script to Add Resources to Local Administrator Group

Here is a simple Powershell script that I created, if you need to add domain computer accounts, users or groups to the local administrator group.The script should be run locally on the computer on which you want the accounts to be added to the local administrator group. Download: add_to_local_administrator.zip


SCCM 2012 Survival Guide (TechNet)

Check out the SCCM 2012 Survival Guide on TechNet if you’re interested in: – TechNet articles – Downloads – Troubleshooting tips – Virtual labs – Forums – Links to external SCCM sites – Blogs – Videos – PowerShell scripts Link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/7075.system-center-2012-configuration-manager-survival-guide-en-us.aspx

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