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SCCM Update Not Visible in the Console

INTRODUCTION The other day I was upgrading a customer’s environment to ConfigMgr 1602 when I ran in to an issue. Following the upgrade to ConfigMgr 1511 I went in to the Updates and Servicing node to upgrade to 1602. I received a No items found message, even though the update had been properly synced according to the logs. SOLUTION The reason why this happens is due to the scope of the object in the ConfigMgr RBA. If the account does not have…

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How To Force an SCCM Client Out of Provisioning Mode

INTRODUCTION The other day I had an issue at a customer, where the installations of new computers ran without any errors, but once logging in, it was obvious that everything was not right. The reason why we noticed that something was wrong, was that all new computers that had been installed, were missing the SCEP client. Looking at the server side, everything looked fine, so it had to be something on the client side. Issues that were present: 1. SCEP…

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How to update Flash Player using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit and SCCM

  This guide assumes that Internet Explorer is the only browser being used in your organization. 1. Download the Powershell App Deployment Toolkit here: https://psappdeploytoolkit.codeplex.com/ 2. Use this template for Deploy-Application.ps1:

3. If you want to turn off Automatic Updates, create a file called “mms.cfg” containing this:

Place it in the folder “SupportFiles” 4. Continue from step 3 in the previous guide I wrote about Updating Java using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit 5. Done!  

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Guide: How to force clients to re-run an advertisement in SCCM 2007

In SCCM 2007, once a client has run an advertisement, it will not run it again by default. If you want to force the clients to rerun the advertisement automatically, you have to change the date of the schedule for the advertisement. Here’s how you do it: Start by going to Computer Management -> Software Distribution -> Advertisements -> Select the Advertiement -> Right-Click -> Properties Go to the “Schedule” tab. In order to force the clients to re-run an…

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How To Remove a Primary Site in SCCM 2007

INTRODUCTION Removing a Primary Site in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 is not quite the same as removing a Secondary Site. SOLUTION Basically, what you need to do is to de-attach the Primary Site from it’s Parent (The Central Site). OPEN THE SCCM CONSOLE: CONNECT TO THE SITE DATABASE -Right-click the Primary Site and select Properties Change from “Report to parent site:” to “Central site”  Press OK and the uninstallation of the primary site will start 🙂 If you connect…

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Tips and tricks for deploying the Application Catalog in Configuration Manager 2012

As you might know, the Application Catalog is a great new feature in System Center Configuration Manager 2012. It gives a lot of functionality for the user, such as being able to request software, see what applications are assigned to the computer, current primary device and much more. Yvette Omeally has posted some Tips and Tricks for deploying the Application Catalog at the System Center Configuration Manager Blog on Technet.

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